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Range Safety Rules

This Safety Plan is subject to change and updating without notice as determined by management.


This safety plan has been established to ensure the health and safety

of those individuals who use or frequent this facility and the community at large.

Gun Handling Rules


B.     KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER, and outside the trigger guard, until ready to fire.


On a firing range this means the shooters are in position on the firing line.




When at a shooting range with more than one firearm, use one at a time and when complete, store the firearm and its ammunition before using the next one.


When on shooting ranges, be mindful also of adjacent areas and act accordingly.



This Safety Plan is subject to change and updating without notice as determined by management.

General Range Rules

A.     Know and obey all Range Officer commands.

B.     Know where others are at all times.

C.     Shoot only at targets authorized by the Range Officer.

D.     Maintain the proper target height to ensure that the fired projectile, after passing through the target, hits the desired portion of the backstop. This will reduce the possibility of damage to range property.

E.     Know your On Duty Range Officer.

F.     Unload, open the action, remove the magazine and ground and/or bench all firearms during a ceasefire.

G.     Do NOT handle any firearm or stand at the firing line where firearms are present while others are down range.

H.     Always keep the muzzle pointed down range. Never allow the muzzle to point in any direction whereby an inadvertent discharge would allow the escape of a projectile into an outer area.


Specific Range Rules

A.     Range Officer

    1.     The Range Officer on duty is in direct charge of the range at all times when firing is being conducted.
    2.     The Range Officer will bar from the range any person handling a firearm in an unsafe or careless manner. He will also void this person’s membership card until they can demonstrate safety

    in the handling of firearms. See section IV for details.
    3.     The Range Officer has the authority to inspect all firearms and ammunition and will ban their use if, in his judgment, they are unsafe or not in good working order.

    4.     Any person or persons who subject the Range Officer to harassment, verbal or physical, will have their membership suspended at the discretion of the management.

    5.     The Range Officer shall not allow anyone access to the range if they are under the influence of alcohol.
    6.     The Range Officer shall not allow any child that in his/her opinion is too small or immature to function safely on the range.

B.     Firearms Permitted

    1.     No centerfire rifles chambered in rifle cartridges are permitted in the handgun bays.
    2.     All handguns except those chambered for centerfire rifle ammunition are permitted in handgun bay.
    3.    Full automatic firearms are allowed only in Range Officer Specified lanes except as allowed in Section V.
    4.     Shotguns firing slugs are allowed only in the rifle bay.
    5.     All air and CO2 guns are permitted except those using BB’s.
    6.     No shotguns without butt stocks are permitted.

C.     Ammunition Permitted

    1.     Aluminum and Steel cased ammunition are not permitted in the handgun range.
    2.     Standard commercial and reloaded ammunition is permitted in the handgun ranges. Only standard commercial and reloaded brass cased ammunition is permitted in the rifle range with the exception of steel cased for the Russian Rifle Calibers.

    3.     Any reloaded or other ammunition may be barred from the range at the discretion of the Range Officer.
    4.     Any type of ammunition designed for penetrating metal is not permitted.
    5.     No shot is permitted. (See exceptions page 5.)
    6.     No tracers, incendiary, gas or explosive ammunition is permitted.

D.     Firing Line Occupants

    1.     All persons utilizing the range facilities are required to receive and understand the rules of the range on their first visit.

    2.     Persons under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent or legal guardian in the ranges. This adult shall act as a coach and must remain with the minor at all times the minor is utilizing the range.

    3.     Only one shooter or one shooter and one coach are permitted per shooting point, and only one uncased weapon is permitted per point.

    4.     Persons not shooting or coaching are not permitted on the range.
    5.     No paid (Professional) instructors other than Freedom Armory Instructors, our contracted instructors, or police department instructors are allowed to teach in the facility. Use of outside instructors violates our insurance policy requirements.

    6.     Persons utilizing the range are not permitted forward of the firing line.
    7.     All equipment in a shooting point left unattended is at the owners risk.

E.     Firing Line Procedures

    1.     Take position at the point assigned to you.
    2.     The muzzle must be pointed downrange at all times.
    3.     Shooters must load and unload their own firearms. Loaded firearms are not permitted to be handed to another person. Do not change shooting lanes with a loaded firearm.

    4.     Only line of sight shooting is permitted. So called snap shooting, quickdraw, hip shooting, etc., are permitted only for specially organized events. No fanning the hammer (machinegun style) is permitted. Rapid Match fire is permitted.

    5.     Target Retrieval System- (Forward & Return Switch)
    Handgun Range B and Rifle Range

        Push this switch to forward position, holding your finger on it until the target stops, or until it reaches the desired distance for shooting. To return, push switch to return position until target returns to your shooting point. Release the switch as soon as the carrier reaches its stop.

    Handgun Range A

        Push the position button and depress buttons for your desired distance in “feet”, followed by pushing the [#] button. To retrieve your target, depress the home button and it will return to you. Do Not push any other buttons; they are for special functions used on special occasions only.

    6.     When leaving the firing line temporarily, lay the firearm with the muzzle pointing downrange and the action open and visible.

    7.     When you are completely finished and want to leave, point the muzzle upward and have the action open, unless the firearm is cased, boxed or holstered.

    8.     Cease Firing: On this command or when Flashing Lights are activated all firing must stop and all firearms placed on the shelves with their muzzle pointed downrange. Do not touch again until further instructions.

    9.     Do not take a jammed or malfunctioning firearm away from the shooting point. Lay it down with the muzzle pointed downrange and contact the Range Officer for assistance.

    10.     All paper/plastic trash is to be placed in the large containers outside pistol ranges and inside rifle range. Brass is to be placed in 5 gallon plastic buckets in ranges. Brass brooms will be available to clean up casings on the floor. Do not move down range of the shooting position to collect brass!

    11.     Live ammunition is not to be placed in used brass receptacles.

F.     Hearing and Eye protection is required on all persons on the range at all times.

G.     Control of clothing and personal equipment at the shooting position is imperative for safe shooting.

H.     Vandalism:

Any person seen firing at lights, baffles, carriers or any other range property or equipment will have their membership suspended and may be reported to the proper authorities for appropriate action. In all cases the individual will be held responsible for damages. Targets are to be mounted only on target support frames provided. Firing at boxes, cups or other objects is prohibited.

Administrative Rules and Regulations

A.    Range hours of operation:*             

    Monday and Friday    10:00 A.M.    –    7:00 P.M.     
    Tuesday thru Thursday    10:00 A.M.    –    8:00 P.M.     
    Saturday    10:00 A.M.    –    6:00 P.M.     
    Sunday    12:00 P.M.    –    6:00 P.M.    

* Retail are remains open until times shown above. Ranges, however, close 30 minutes prior to times shown above to allow for clean-up. Last shooters must have lane assignment one (1) hour prior to times shown above.

B.    Holidays, Closed or Closed Early:     

    New Years Day    Closed     
    Easter    Closed     
    Memorial Day    Closed     
    4TH  of July    Closed     
    Labor Day    Closed     
    Halloween    Close at 5:00 P.M.     
    Thanksgiving    Closed     
    Christmas Eve    Close at 5:00 P.M.     
    Christmas Day    Closed     
    New Years Eve    Close at 5:00 P.M.    

C.     Guns Brought Into The Range:

All firearms brought into the range/building must be completely unloaded. They must be either carried with the action open and with the muzzle pointed upward, or they must be enclosed in a gun case, kit, box, holster, etc. until at an actual firing position or at the sales counter for trading the gun in on a purchase or consignment or for gunsmithing work. See section V for exceptions.

D.     Guest policies:

Annual and Armory and Freedom Members are eligible to bring a guest(s) to the range. A guest will be assessed a reduced (published) lane fee as an introduction to the facility. All subsequent visits will be charged at their appropriate category rate. All guests will be given a Safety Briefing and are expected to adhere to this published Safety Plan. Their Member sponsor is expected to assist their guest with our Safety and Administrative procedures.

E.     Lane Sharing Fee:

In the circumstances of a shared (coaching) shooting position, no additional fees will be assessed for

Freedom and Armory Memberships. All Non-Freedom or Non-Armory Membership shooters will be assessed a reduced lane fee as published in the current membership application.

F.     Security:

Our  primary  form  of  range  security  is  provided  by  our  Membership  ID  and  the  in  processing  safety

briefing/procedures, however; all shooters have a responsibility to identify safety and security concerns to the Range Officer or other staff. Additionally, all fire exit doors are alarmed and will produce an audible alarm if opened during business hours.

G.     Check-in:

Prior to proceeding to the firing positions, all Non-Freedom or Non-Armory Member shooters will check in with the retail staff for lane availability and logging-in, and then proceed to the Range Officer for lane assign-ment. Upon completion of shooting, proceed to checkout at the retail counter. YOUR LANE CHARGES ARE FROM RANGE OFFICER LANE ASSIGNMENT TO LOG-OUT. ALL RANGE TIME WILL BE ROUNDED UP TO THE HALF HOUR. All Freedom or Armory Members report directly to the Range Officer for lane assignment.

H.     Firearm Test Firing with a Cleaning Fee (Most Ranges call this Renting):

Each person test firing a firearm is required to process in as normal at the sales counte. Upon check out the Drivers License will be returned. All ammunition used in test-fired guns must be purchased from Freedom Armory.

I.     Range supervision:

The range will be controlled at all times by the Range Officer. On busy days there may be more than one Range Officer.

J.     Program development:

The range activities will develop and change over time. You will see Police, League, Training and Competition activities being conducted simultaneously and/or at different times. Due to the flexible layout and design of the bays in the range and training room these can all coexist without interfering with each other.

We will always have at least one bay available for members. We are always soliciting new and exciting shooting/classroom activities that will interest the membership and your suggestions are appreciated.

K.     Restroom facilities:

The two restrooms in the retail area are for Members and Guests. For security reasons NO merchandise is allowed in the restroom; it may be checked with an employee.

L.     Vending machines/eating area:

All consumption of beverages and food is restricted to the Vending Machine area and tables in front of the handgun bays. All drink cans and other trash are to be placed in general trash receptacles outside the pistol ranges. No food of any kind should be given to Trooper, the range mascot (we are trying to keep him from getting fat!).

M.     Parking:

All members and guest cars are to park in the front parking lot, leaving the two handicap spaces for the handicapped. The side/rear parking is for staff and side drives are for service/delivery vehicles.

N.     Pet Control:

No pets are allowed on the grounds or in the building with the exception of Police dogs and the range mascot, Trooper, a Welsh Corgi.

O.     Smoking:

No Smoking is allowed in the building. This is prohibited by the State of Pennsylvania. Smoking is allowed on the Front Porch Area. All smoking trash is to be disposed of in the appropriate outside container.



A.     Guns Brought Into The Range:

Exceptions to the all guns must be unloaded policy are as follows; law enforcement personnel, constables and individuals with Concealed Carry Permits. All non-uniformed individuals are to keep their loaded concealed firearms Concealed until on the firing line.

B.     Law Enforcement Training:

During police department qualification training, shotgun and/or submachinegun use in a Handgun Bay is permissible with prior management approval and supervision by a qualified law enforcement instructor.

C.     Machine Gun use:

Under no circumstances is full auto fire authorized from a machinegun utilizing a centerfire rifle cartridge in a handgun bay, with the exception of rental guns using frangible ammunition in handgun bay B.

Consequences or Disciplinary Action

A.     First Offense:
The Range Officer will provide a verbal correction on the spot. The Range Officer will annotate this on a First Offense List.

B.     Second Offense:
The Range Officer will provide a verbal correction on the spot and complete a written Safety Incident Report (Annex A) to be kept on file. This report will require a Member/Guest signature acknowledging receipt of the report (this does not admit to any wrong doing—only receipt of report).

C.     Third Offense:
The Range Officer will provide a verbal correction on the spot and complete a written Safety Incident Report (Annex A) to be kept on file. This report will require a Member/Guest signature acknowledging receipt of the report. The Member/Guest will be immediately suspended from use of the range until successful completion of a regularly scheduled Freedom Armory Firearm Safety Training Class, to be paid for by the Member/Guest.

D.     Fourth Offense:
The Range Officer will provide a verbal correction on the spot and complete a written Safety Incident Report (Annex A) to be kept on file. This report will require a Member/Guest signature acknowledging receipt of the report. The Member/Guest will have Range Use Terminated for a one-year period or permanently at the discretion of management.

Freedom Armory Web Site

A.     The web site is

B.     The web site is updated on a regular basis to reflect activities at the range, promotions, classes and products.

C.     We will maintain an email list of Freedom Armory Member addresses as a means to keep members informed.


Safety Incident Report

Date/Time:  __________________________________________________________________________________

Member Name:  ______________________________________________________________________________

Member Number:   ____________________________________________________________________________

Range Officer on Duty:  ________________________________________________________________________

Description of Infraction:   ______________________________________________________________________





Member/Guest Signature:  ______________________________________________________________________

Range Officer Signature:    ______________________________________________________________________

GUEST: All Freedom and Armory and Annual Members are allowed to bring a guest at a published discounted rate. After a guest’s first visit, they may return and will be required to select a daily or annual membership of their choosing.

FAMILY: Husband, wife, and children up to 18 years old or 21 years old with a valid college ID.

This Safety Plan is subject to change and updating without notice as determined by management.